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Goddess in the Kitchen

Kitchen Witchcraft

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Pagans in the kitchen
Welcome to goddess_cooking. I created this community to share recipes, healthy cooking ideas, kid friendly recipes, ritual recipes, etc. for Wiccans and Pagans alike.
I'm an ordained High Priestess of the Neo-Wiccan faith. I love to cook and some of my rituals do center around this room in the house more than any other. Over the wintertime when it is too cold outdoors, all of my rituals are in the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of someone's home. Family and friends are often gathered in the kitchen, laughing, sharing, and enjoying food and drink as well as company. All my life growing up, we entertained in the kitchen for informal gatherings of friends and family. To be invited into my kitchen means that you are like family to me.

I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and a wonderful husband. I wish to share not only my ritual knowledge and to incorporate our spirituality into the kitchen, but also to share my passion for cooking and creating.

Please respect the following rules:

No flaming, cursing (in language or otherwise please). Share your opinion but do so in a respectful manner. No fighting or disrespect allowed and it will get you booted and banned from the community. This is a family friendly community as well, so keep your language clean. Remember.. you kiss your momma with that mouth.

Keep to the topic. Those topics being: recipes (all kinds), rituals (should you choose to share. Some things must be kept secret if you follow the Wiccan Rede. Share only what you feel comfortable sharing in this area). Rituals related to "kitchen witchcraft" are especially welcome.

Post long posts and pictures behind a cut as some folks still use dial-up or have less then fast connections.

Have fun!

Again, Welcome and Blessed Be!